This is one of the most popular questions I receive from my clients.


In this post I will tell you about three wedding video categories.

Also, I will explain what could influence the cost of a wedding video. 




The cost will vary. Taking into consideration the number of videographers, labor, the type of cameras, other production and editing equipment, music copyrights, time spent at the venue, travel to and out of location.


When it comes to a wedding video there are three categories that exist: low, medium and high budget wedding videos. 


Low budget: $100 to a $1000

Medium budget: $1000 - $4000

High budget: $4000 to $10000


I’ll give you some examples.


Low budget will get you a one person crew, with limited equipment and coverage.


Medium budget will allow you to have two to four professionals with modern technology and special skills to cover your wedding day. 


High budget will get you professionals with the latest equipment for the full day, who will create an authentic movie.


I have to say, that every company, every videographer has his/hers/its own way to produce artwork like wedding videos. Technologies improve every day. Experience grows with every wedding. 

The main things that could influence a wedding videos cost are: labor, equipment and location.


If you don’t know what to do and want to get a quality video, my suggestion is to go for a team of at least two videographers and full day of coverage. It's worth it in the long run.

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